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Jean Tinguely; Yves Klein

Excavatrice de l'Espace

Collaboration avec Yves Klein

Material / technique: Iron, various metals, white-painted Pavatex discs, electric motor
Size: 82 x 109 x 105 cm
Inv.Number: 11111
Catalogue raisonné: Bischofberger 0095
Creditline: Museum Tinguely, Basel, Donation Niki de Saint Phalle

Tinguely and Yves Klein, Yves le Monochrome, became fast friends starting in 1956. Their conversations revolved around the dematerialisation of the artwork, around the question of how art can come about and persist without material, without marble, bronze, oils, canvas or tempera on wood, and, even more radically than prescribed by the Constructivists, how it can be set apart from the object. Movement and radical monochromy were the respective responses to these questions by Tinguely and Klein, who confronted the issue of dematerialisation with jointly created works shown in the exhibition Vitesse pure et Stabilité monochrome at Galerie Iris Clert in Paris. Monochrome discs by Yves Klein are mounted on constructions by Tinguely. When these are set spinning, they create blue, red or, in the case of “Excavatrice de l'Espace“, white clouds or zones of pure colour, their materiality seemingly dissolved.