Robert Rauschenberg. Gluts

14 October 2009 – 17 January 2010

To the end of the 1980s dates the exceptional group of works «Gluts», assemblages of painted and varnished pieces of scrap metal. The exhibition presents a selection of 40 works.
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Robert Rauschenberg – Jean Tinguely. Collaborations

14 October 2009 – 17 January 2010

Important loans as well as film and photographic documents illustrate the fascinating and multi-facetted collaboration of the early 1960s.
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Foto Fabi Alberto Mauro

Paul Wiedmer – Fire and Iron

16 September 2009 – 24 January 2010

Paul Wiedmer has worked as a sculptor since the Seventies. Fire and iron are his main means of expression since the beginning; he has installed fire-museums, built fire dragons, organized autos -da- fé.
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Armour & Evening Dress

13 May – 30 August 2009

In 1991, the exhibition “Dresses like Armour” was shown in the Neue Hofburg in Vienna. The memorable and dazzling presentation of splendid Viennese state armour paired with evening dresses by the couturier Roberto Capucci has prompted the present project to revive within a larger context the glorious profession of the armourer. On the basis of pieces of armour mainly from the armoury in Graz, flanked by contemporary designers’ dresses and ‘war props‘ by Tinguely, Spoerri and Luginbühl, the exhibition is a celebration and parody of military history (from 1315 to 1991) and haute couture that is worn as a “second skin”. From the days of the prestigious profession of the armourer down to the entourage of the declared amateur locksmith Tinguely the development leads to the central issue of the “hinge”: the malleability of iron.
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11 February – 19 April 2009
A collaboration between Museum Tinguely and Littmann Kulturprojekte

Bicycles were still a status symbol in Chinese society in the 1970s. The bicycle enabled its owner to engage in business. Tricycles were common as mobile kitchens, for the transport of coal, as workshops or for garbage removal.
The bicycle is disappearing from today’s Chinese cities and with its disappearance an entire part of street culture is lost. As a symbol of change, bicycles are being relegated to museums.
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Scapa Memories. A Collection

4 February – 19 April 2009

The draughtsman and cartoonist, editor and art educator Ted Scapa is also a passionate collector. He collects works not only of his friend Jean Tinguely but also large-scale prints and drawings from Tapiès to Immendorf, and especially art of non-European peoples. The result is a colourful hotchpotch which is totally in keeping with the untamed creativity and sparkling energy of the artist and man Scapa.
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