RE-SET: Appropriation and Transformation in
Music and Art since 1900

28 February – 13 May 2018

With scores, recordings, documentary films and photos (by Bartók, Stravinsky, and Varèse to Berio, Kagel and Rihm) the Paul Sacher Foundation highlights the importance of references to earlier compositions and their creative appropriation and adaption in twenthieth-century music. Museum Tinguely complements this interdisciplinary project with the presentation of works by contemporary artists (such as Saâdane Afif, Pierre Bismuth and Bethan Huws) reflecting Marcel Duchamp’s iconic idea of the readymade. A collaboration with the Paul Sacher Foundation.
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Radiophonic Cultures
Sonic Environments and Archives in Hybrid Media Systems

7 – 9 May 2018
International Conference
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Sofia Hultén. Here's the Answer, What's the Question?

24 January – 1st May 2018

The sculptures, installations and videos of Berlin-based artist Sofia Hultén (born 1972 in Stockholm) start with unremarkable everyday objects or materials from the world of DIY stores and workshops. Through a series of manipulations that sometimes verge on the absurd, she examines these objects that are marked by their previous lives or processes them into new arrangements. In many cases, she sticks to minimal interventions that focus on and shake up the various phases in an object’s biography. An exhibition in cooperation with Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
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