COVID-19 / Protection Concept Museum Tinguely, Basel

The Protection Concept is regularly updated in line with the latest scientific findings and operational factors.
as per 13 September 2021

The health and safety of staff and visitors are of paramount importance to Museum Tinguely. This Protection Concept governs how we intend to operate the rules that will apply inside the museum and how these will be implemented in practice.

All the COVID-19 Recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) shall apply at Museum Tinguely. Especially important here are the following:
1. Hand hygiene: Wash your hands with water and soap or use disinfectant.
2. Social distancing: The recommended distance of 1.5 metres shall apply during visits to the museum. Groups that visit the museum individually must also observe social distancing.
4. Please sneeze or cough into your elbow and if you feel unwell: Stay at home!
5. Guided tours, or workshops and other events can take place following their respective protection concepts.

1. Hand hygiene

Visitors are asked to disinfect their hands on arrival or to wash their hands with water and soap in the bathrooms on the first floor. Staff are asked to do the same both on arrival and before and after every break.

Visitors are asked to use contact-free means of payment.

Visitors in the shop are kindly asked to touch only those items they intend to purchase.

Headphones will be replaced by loudspeakers wherever possible (otherwise disinfectant is available); touchscreens will be cleaned regularly.

For the works that are operated by hand: Visitors are kindly asked to disinfect their hands before and after each use.


2. Social distancing

Ticket desk staff will be separated from visitors by a plexiglas screen.

Visitors are kindly asked to observe the safe distance floor markers in front of the ticket desk and for the waiting lines.

All visitors are kindly requested to observe the recommended distance of 1.5 metres apart throughout their visit. This also applies to the seating provided. School classes keep their distance from individual visitors.

3. COVID certificate
In accordance with the decision of the Federal Council of 8 September 2021, admission to the museum for persons over 16 years of age is only possible with a valid Covid certificate. Please show your certificate and a valid identity card at the entrance.

4. Wearing masks

Visitors are recommended to wear a mask.
Museum staff wear a mask in the public areas of the museum building.
Guides and workshop instructors do not have to wear masks if they can keep their distance from the group and this makes their work easier.


5. Events, guided tours, workshops

Events may take place, for which appropriate protection concepts are drawn up, based on the requirements regarding Covid certificate, distance, obligation to wear masks and to be seated, seats assigned to visitors by name, etc.
Guided tours and workshops can take place.

6. Cleaning

Cleaning crews shall be equipped with personal protective equipment (gloves, masks) and suitable cleaning products.
Frequently touched surfaces shall be regularly disinfected.


7. People at especially high risk

Museum staff who belong to an at-risk group shall be protected against potential risks.


8. People with COVID-19 at the workplace

Employees who feel unwell shall stay at home and self-isolate in compliance with BAG regulations. The cantonal medical services must be informed and they need to be tested. Even people with only minor symptoms of COVID-19 must consult their family physician for testing or the Canton Basel-Stadt test centre.