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Jean Tinguely

Fontaine CNAC No. 3


Material / technique: Iron wheels with rubber tyres, support, auto parts, scrap iron, hoses, rubber belts and tubes, electric motor
Size: 200 x 170 x 80 cm
Inv.Number: 11221
Catalog: Bischofberger 0444
Creditline: Museum Tinguely, Basel, Donation Niki de Saint Phalle

From 1960 Jean Tinguely devoted more and more attention to the idea of fountain sculptures or “Water-Spraying Sculpture” as he called it. These are usually portable sculptures that are not designed for permanent installation, but are more like lawn sprinklers that can be moved across the grass to water it in sections and then in the evening, their work completed, be stowed away again. Extending sculpture by adding the element of water lends it a further dimension – similar to sound and movement – which transcends the bounds of the pure material.

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Collection of Museum Tinguely

Works and work groups belonging to all phases of Jean Tinguely’s career are to be found in the museum's collection. Along with selected temporary loans, they afford the visitor an extensive view of the artist’s career. Apart from sculptures, the collection furthermore comprises a large number of drawings and letter-drawings, documents, exhibition posters, catalogues and documentation such as photographs. In the measure of the possible all the exhibits are accessible to the public and regularly shown, be it in the permanent collection or as loans to exhibitions worldwide.

The museum’s collections are the result of a generous donation by the artist’s widow, Niki de Saint Phalle, made on the occasion of its foundation, a donation of works from the Roche collection, as well as several other gifts and acquisitions.

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