Images on request

Museum Tinguely can provide the following high-resolution image data subject to certain terms of use and subject to processing fees:

- exhibition views produced by Museum Tinguely, Basel
- recordings (photographic or audio-visual) of works which are in the collection of Museum Tinguely and which may be passed on to third parties.
- Please factor in a processing time of up to two weeks.
- The picture data with captions are transmitted digitally after payment is received.
- If no digital picture data exist they will be created by an external service provider. The costs incurred for this will be additionally billed to the applicant.


Please note:
​​​​​​​The following applies for uses of pictures in relation to our collection:
Museum Tinguely does not own any copyright in works by Jean Tinguely. The clarification of these rights and payment in respect of them is a matter for the applicant. In Switzerland, the collecting society responsible for this is ProLitteris, Zurich (link website: The applicant is responsible for obtaining any permission needed from persons captured in pictures before the pictures are used. Museum Tinguely undertakes no liability for third party claims arising from infringement of copyright and personality rights.