Video | Artist Talk «KATJA AUFLEGER. GONE»

Artist talk with Katja Aufleger & Quinn Latimer

«The Berlin-based artist has made a body of work that often explores the phenomenon of sound as a visual, material, experiential, and narrative medium, one heard or remembered, audible or silent, offered by another or originated in the speaker/receiver.» Quinn Latimer.

Quinn Latimer, the American writer and author of the text The Signature of the Siren Is the Silence After, published in the exhibition catalogue, has written about sound in Katja Auflegers works. In the artist talk, Latimer talks with the artist about artworks with and without sound, putting them into relation to the current exhibition. Moderated by curator Lisa Grenzebach.

Katja Aufleger. GONE

With her works, the Berlin-based multimedia artist Katja Aufleger (born 1983 in Oldenburg) seeks the simultaneity of possibilities to pose existential questions – sculptural and filmic, visual and auditory.

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