Team Museum Tinguely

>> Roland Wetzel

>> Andres Pardey

Curator of works on paper and photography
>> Annja Müller-Alsbach

Assistant library, archives, documentation
>> Anja Seiler

Student assistant library, archives, documentation
>> Balthasar Waldner

>> Andres Pardey
>> Annja Müller-Alsbach
>> Roland Wetzel
>> Dr. Sandra Beate Reimann
>> Séverine Fromaigeat

Curatorial Assistant
>> Tabea Panizzi

Head of Communications and Marketing
>> Isabelle Beilfuss

Online & Social Media
>> Janine Moroni

Communication assistant
>> Lena Reiff

Education department
>> Lilian Steinle
>> Sarah Stocker
>> Christine Kaufmann (Intern)

Registrar/ Exhibition and Event Management
>> Daniel Boos

>> Jean-Marc Gaillard, Chantal Willi

>> Céline Strässle, Céline Studer, Anna Schlaginhaufen

Head of Technical departement
>> Matthias Fluri

Technical departement
>> Roland Manteiga

Head of Shop and box office
>> Esther Sidler

>> Florence Dessemontet
>> Nathalie Gaillard
>> Chiara Schmid
>> Christian Schoch
>> Charlotte Strübin

>> Visitor Services Museum Tinguely