Activities for adults

«Who, how, where, waste?»
Art education project with the City Cleaning Department of Basel on the exhibition Territories of Waste. On the Return of the Repressed (14 September 2022 – 8 January 2023)
Employees of the City Cleaning Department open a different approach to the exhibition and tell you about the topic of waste as they see it. In several meetings at the museum, a group of the department’s employees encountered the artworks and the topic of waste from the perspective of art. Then they shared their insights and experiences from their everyday work and invited the public to a dialogue in front of the artworks on several events.

Waste und Kunst
Führung auf Türkisch, mit dem Mitarbeiter der Stadtreinigung Aydin Dikec

Unterhalt(-ung)skunst: Museum oder Deponie?
Führung mit den Mitarbeitern der Stadtreinigung Daniel Altwegg, Sven Ammann, Marcel Bachmann und Tobias Egli

Unsere Arbeit wird Kunst
Ask me mit dem Mitarbeiter der Stadtreinigung Bruno Michel
Ask me mit den Mitarbeitern der Stadtreinigung Holger Krompholz und Remo Stöcklin



Workshops «Jean Tinguely» for private groups and companies
A workshop consists of a guided tour in the museum and of a creative part in the education department's studio.
The act of experimenting and being creative allows us to approach Jean Tinguely’s artistic strategies and ideas.
Tuesday until Thursday, workshop is also possible before the official museum opening hours
Booking required, please contact us by phone +41 61 688 92 70 for further information
Costs: 200 CHF / 300 CHF and 7 CHF for each participant