Inclusive culture

Museum Tinguely carries the label "Kultur Inklusiv" which is awarded by Pro Infirmis, the Swiss non-profit organisation for people with disabilities. The Museum strives to remove barriers and enable a joyful visit for all. We continuously develop our services according to the needs of our diverse visitors. Moreover people with and without disabilities shall partake in cultural life together.


Museum Tinguely sets an annual focus on different forms of impairments:


2018: for deaf and hearing impaired persons
2019: for seeing impaired and blind persons
2020: for persons with mobility impairments or age-related limitations
2021 and 2022: for persons with learning disabilities or psychiatric impairments


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Charter on Cultural Inclusion

The Charter on Cultural Inclusion was developed by "Kultur Inklusiv" in a participatory process and forms the basis of all label partnerships. As a label carrier, Museum Tinguely undertakes to act and develop in accordance with the guidelines.