Persons with learning disabilities or psychiatric impairments

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In 2021 we will develop diverse offers with, by and for people with learning disabilities or psychiatric impairments.

Vier Schauspieler*innen von machTheater in Aktion vor dem Kunstwerk "Hanibal II"

Public guided tours with machTheater

The young actors with cognitive impairments from the machTheater company are preparing a new guided tour. The response to the last edition has been so positive that we are showing a new programme in 2021.


19. September / 17. Oktober / 24. Oktober / 7. November 2021

2-3 pm


A guided tour of a different kind.
A love for movement and play, the joy of surprise, interaction and dialogue with the audience are the things that machTheater has got in common with Jean Tinguely.

Cost: free with museum ticket, max. 20 pers., reservation (name, lastname, postcode, phone no.) required until Friday before, here.


The Behindertenforum Basel published a very fitting description of the machTheater experience in its magazine «Handicapforum» (04/20):

>> download text "Handicapforum" (in German)

The players introduce themselves in front of a small relief, whose moving parts oscillate in time to the beat. They themselves become part of the installation and as elements in their own right move to the same rhythm, each of them in his or her own expressive way, but as a whole perfectly coordinated.

The young people from «machTheater» tease out Tinguely’s works from their abstract form and breathe new life into them. Through their physical, sensual and unmediated actions they communicate them in a new way […]

«MachTheater» is a fun way to try out new perspectives and at the same time shows how resourceful these young actors are.