Schauatelier conservation and restoration

Museum Tinguely’s conservation & restoration team has moved house! From now on it will operate in full view of the public. This will allow its valuable work to be more readily understood and the conservation of Tinguely's works to become a recurrent theme of our exhibitions.

The new show studio is located at the far end of the museum’s top-floor galleries behind a glass door that can be left wide open if required. Here, visitors have a unique opportunity to gain a direct insight into the work of our conservation team.

Welcome to the Schauatelier

Leading authority on conservation and restoration of works by Jean Tinguely

Not only does the studio promise to become a platform for exchanging experience and ideas, but in future it will be the number one address for the conservation and restoration of Jean Tinguely’s entire oeuvre.

In the picture gallery on the right, you can see the team team at work.

Schauatelier conservation & restoration

Henceforth it will be possible for the manifold conservational challenges that Tinguely’s works pose to be explained and demonstrated right there on the spot. A range of media will be used to present current conservation projects and to discuss the specific problems that they present in greater depth.

How do you dismantle a room-filling kinetic sculpture? Jean Tinguely, Pit-Stop (1984)