TINGUELY@HOME #53 The Making-of «Soundsurium»

Together with the artists Felix Fisgus and Wolfgang Kowar, the art education department of the Museum Tinguely offered a workshop in which the participants could experiment for themselves on how to produce sounds with simple mechanics and everyday objects. The resulting collaborative work Soundsurium can be discovered and set in motion in the large hall surrounded by Tinguely's sculptures.

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La roue = c'est tout. New permanent exhibition

According to Tinguely, ‘we live in a wheeled civilisation’. Even today, our lives are shaped largely by the relationship between man and machine and the resulting dependencies that Tinguely deconstructed with such relish. Now, for the first time since the museum was founded, its enlarged collection of Tinguely’s own works is to return to the great hall. There visitors will be able to discover the intricate and poetic early works, the explosive happenings and collaborations of the 1960s, and the musical, monumental and sombre works of Tinguely’s late period, all presented in an entertaining and eventful tour with many opportunities for hands-on participation.

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