Behind the scenes and DIY ideas of the art education team



Video | A tour of Museum Tinguely with Sarah Stocker

Video | Visit the art education studio with Beat Klein

Build your own motor-driven drawing machine
Beat Klein explains how an ordinary power drill can be turned into a motor-driven drawing machine à la Jean Tinguely allowing you to produce your very own spin art.
>> Learn more (Tutorial PDF)

Music Machines

Ideas for a DIY Sound Mixing Machine à la Jean Tinguely
For DIY enthusiasts young and old we’ve compiled a collection of ideas, tipps and tricks to create your own sound mixing machine. We invite you to listen to our Audio Tutorial in German (voice: Beat Klein) and take our Suggestion Sheet at hand.
Are you short of materials? We’ve put together 20 starter packs of materials for the first twenty tinkerers to apply!

>> Suggestion Sheet (PDF)
>> Images: Music Machines by Jean Tinguely (PDF)
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Drawing Machines

A Drawing Machine for at the Home
Inspired by Jean Tinguely’s Méta-Matics, we show you in the video, how to inject movement and chance into drawing. There have to be two of you. Otherwise all you need is: 1. a firm drawing board, 2. a sheet of paper and 3. a pen or pencil.
One of you holds the board and paper, the other the pen or pencil. And then you both start hopping on one leg while drawing! A tree, say, or a flower, a wheel, a face…
Let the random lines and the pictures they produce surprise you!

Kinderclub TV

Kids' Film Project | Best of Kinderclub TV 2019 – 2020
How do Kinderclub kids respond to the many different exhibitions at Museum Tinguely? What do they think of the individual works? For each new show at Museum Tinguely we produce a new episode of Kinderclub TV complete with interviews, performances and scenes of the children in the museum. The resulting ‘child’s-eye view’ of past exhibitions can be watched in the museum foyer and on our website.