School classes on visit to Museum Tinguely Basel

So as to ensure that the visit of school classes proceed in an orderly fashion and so as to guarantee the safety of our visitors as well as of the works of art, teachers visiting our museum with their classes are kindly requested to respect the following regulations:

1. Application
We are dependent on an advance application of ideally 14 days for school classes so as to avoid eventual congestion or collisions in our exhibition spaces. Please use the registration form.

2. Admission fees
Registered school classes accompanied by 2 adults will be admitted free of charge. Student groups pay a reduced fee of CHF 10.– per head.
The person responsible for the group is requested to present her/himself at the admissions desk to collect the tickets.

3. Cloakroom
Knapsacks, bags, umbrellas, rollerblades, etc. must be deposited in the cloakroom on the 1st floor directly above the entrance hall. School classes may deposit their effects free of charge and together in the same room, though unsupervised. A CHF 2.– coin as deposit is needed for a closed locker.

4. Accompanying persons
School classes must be accompanied and supervised throughout the entire length of their visit in the Museum. The accompanying adults are responsible for minors in case of accident as well as for damage caused to the works of art or to the building.

5. Painting, drawing, handicrafts, writing
School classes may carry with them dry drawing materials such as pencils, crayons, chalk provided that these are used carefully and without defiling the floors and furnishings nor damaging the works of art.
Fluid materials such as ink, felt tips, water or acrylic colours are not permitted. Equally not allowed is the use of scissors, knives, glue, wire and other materials and tools that could be a potential danger to the visitors as well as to the works of art.

6. School classes may pick nick in the park if the weather permits it.