24 June 2023, 7 pm

6 Premieres for Percussion - Moliner

Costs: 5 CHF

David Moliner, winner of the Roche Young Commissions 2023 Composition Prize, led the mentoring program for composition students for eight months to develop new notations around Jean Tinguely's kinetic and percussive sonic qualities.
The goal of the program was to link Tinguely's expansive oeuvre with the dynamic world of percussion and to connect the kinetic sculptures (joyful, playful, creative, melancholic and full of humor) with the eclectic expression of universal percussion and especially with body percussion through body, gesture and emotional expression. The result is six works that put the body in relation to kinetic art by transferring movement from the object to the body as an instrument.
The concert presents six works by composers from around the world (Dorothy Hindman, Jose Manuel Guerrero, Raimon Flores, Seong, Juan Antonio and Rodrigo Espino) and will premiere on June 24 at Museum Tinguely in Basel.

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