Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 8:15 pm

BOT - Klap/Crash

Balancing on the fine line between music and theater, BOT captivates its audience with straightforward performance, homemade musical contraptions, raw visual poetry and fragile, warm-hearted songs - a visual and musical adventure.

Performance as part of the Puppet Theatre Festival BAFF
Duration: 60 min.
Age rating 12 +

In times when many certainties suddenly become relative, BOT shows "KLAP/CRASH." Where we have all been moving at an ever-increasing speed, all at once everything comes to a halt. Nothing is the way it was. Not us, not you, not anything. Somewhere a stick got between the spokes. Where are we? What was that again? Is anyone there?

BOT captures the despair and the big questions it raises in theatrical machinery, catchy compositions and powerful, delicate imagery. Where do we go from here? Do we set a new course? And who are we really now?

Acting / music: Job van Gorkum, Doan Hendriks, Geert Jonkers, Tomas Postema
Direction: Craig Weston
Technicians: Jan Aike Luchtenberg, Chieljan van der Hoek
Production: Linde Légat

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