Saturday, 23 October 2021, 19:30 pm

Culturescapes | Amazonian Night

Performance | Burned Instruments Orchestra
The performance by Brazilian musicians Livio Tragtenberg and Marco Scarassatti takes us on a journey to the past of the Amazon and into the still present living world of the Indigenous nations.
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In the first part of “Amazonian Night,” they create a soundtrack for the silent film “No Paiz das Amazonas“ (In the Land of the Amazon) from 1922, one of the most important and haunting testimonies of the occupation of the rainforest. This film was the first one to document the local economy of the Indigenous communities in the Amazon portraying the developing economies of fishing and rubber plantations in the early 20th century.

In the second part of “Amazonian Night,“ the musicians accompany the chants of Ibã Sales, a shaman from the Indigenous people of the Huni Kuin from the state of Acre in the south of the Brazilian Amazon. In their ayahuasca rituals, the Huni Kuin make contact with divine entities. The ingestion of ayahuasca leads to intense dreams—the visualisation of an expanded level of reality.

Music has a fundamental role in activating the power of the ritual. Tragtenberg and Scarassatti, together with Ibã Sales, attempt a sonic reconfiguration of these traditional chants through live performance, original recordings of ritual signing, and improvisations.

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1. Part (No Pais das Amazonas)
Marco Scarassatti, Kirk Roland, Pássaro-Cocho, Gangan
Livio Tragtenberg, Bass clarinet, saxophone alto
Emerson Boy - Cavaquinho, saxophone alto
Silvino Santo, director (No Pais das Amazonas)

2. Part
Marco Scarassatti, Kirk Roland, Pássaro-Cocho, Gangan
Ibã Sales Huni Kuin, voice
Livio Livio Tragtenberg, Bass clarinet, saxophone alto

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