Thursday, 21 October 2021, 19:30 pm

Culturescapes | Burned Instruments Orchestra

Performance and Installation
Thousands of trees are burned and cut down in the Amazonian rainforest every day. The Brazilian composers, musicians, and sound artists Livio Tragtenberg and Marco Scarassatti record this destructive process as the Burned Instruments Orchestra.
Free admission

They collect various pieces of wood and use them to build instruments whose history, sounds, and intentions are the starting points for new musical creations. CULTURESCAPES 2021 Amazonia brings BIO from the Brazilian Amazon to Switzerland. As part of an artist residency at the Fundaziun Nairs in Scuol, the two musicians collect materials from the local forests for their instrument installation, which will be presented at Theater Chur and at Museum Tinguely in Basel.

Mit Livio Tragtenberg, Marco Scarassatti, Gilberto Macruz und Emerson Boy.

Followed by a panel discussion "Three Perspectives on the Amazon: The Forest in Arts and Culture " in cooperation with foraus and DEZA.

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