extra Muros

Sunday, 6 March 2022, 4 pm

extra muros: Rotozaza II at Theater Basel

Jean Tinguely's Rotozaza II  is part of the set of Die Mühle von Saint Pain.

Jean Tinguely's Rotozaza II makes its grand entrance at Theater Basel: not only is it part of the set of Die Mühle von Saint Pain, towards the end of the piece it is also part of the sound world. The harsh soundscape created by the machine, the constant smashing of bottles, becomes the sound for the drama opera based on motifs from the Krabat saga at Theater Basel - by Anne and Lucien Haug in a production by Antú Romero Nunes.

Die Mühle von Saint Pain
Schauspieloper at Theater Basel
Performing are: the ensemble of actors, dancers & singers, Sinfonietta Basel as well as Tinguely's Rotozaza II.

Your advantage: when you show a ticket for Die Mühle von Saint Pain, you will receive a discount on admission to Museum Tinguely. Simply show your theatre ticket at the front desk and benefit from a reduced admission (12 instead of 18 CHF) during your next visit to the museum!

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