Sunday, 19 November 2023, 11:30 am - 5:30pm

Inclusion Day | Hearing

On Inclusion Day, Museum Tinguely is all about signs. Discover various activities related to the topic of hearing, such as a crash course in sign language or how to communicate without words.
Costs: museum admission, on this day admission is free for IV recipients, in German and German sign language

11 am-5 pm
Hop on hop off workshop: Hand in Hand - The colourful sign collage grows!
12 am-1 pm
«Singing hands» Songs set to music in sign language.
1-1:30 pm
Crash course: Sign language with Regula Marfurt
1:30-2:30 pm
The «machTheater» guides you through the Jean Tinguely Collection. Will be translated into sign language.
2:30-3 pm
Crash course: sign language with Regula Marfurt
3-4 pm
Guided tour in sign language through the exhibition Delphine Reist. ÖL [oil, olio, huile] with Lua Leirner
3-4 pm
Workshops: Test vibration waistcoats and communicate without words!
4-4:30 pm
Crash course: Sign language with Regula Marfurt
5-5:30 pm
«Stillaut - When you see with your ears and hear with your eyes», dance improvisation by
Lua Leirner to music by violinist Christian Neff

On Inclusion Day, selected products from the Fingershop will be available at Museum Tinguely.
Visit our website with videos in sign language

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