8 May 2023, 7:30-10:15 pm

Jazz at Museum: "Akkordeon total" Luciano Biondini Duo & Vincent Peirani Trio

Offbeat Jazzfestival Basel 2023
Luciano Biondi Duo (Italy) / Break at 8.30 pm / Vincent Peirani New Trio «Jokers» (France)
Door opening: 19:15
Start: 19:30

Luciano Biondini has long been one of the handful of outstanding European accordion virtuosos who, although at home in jazz, are always devoted to Mediterranean music. In his solo programme "Senza Fine" (Intakt Records), Biondini takes on the canzoni of the 60s to 80s. Biondini interprets the popular hits by authors such as Pino Daniele, Fiorenzo Carpi or, of course, Ennio Morricone with absolute devotion and untamed passion. Jazz critic Christian Rentsch: "The way Luciano Biondini does not reveal the sentimental melody right from the first moment, but sneaks up on the theme, as it were, and repeatedly alienates it throughout the piece, plays around it, makes it disappear briefly and then conjures it up again, that is great mastery".Biondini comes to the Museum Tinguely with the fantastic guitarist Bebbo Ferro.

"What the Parisian from Nice elicits from the button accordion and the accordina has never been heard before. A future greatness is playing here!" - Süddeutsche Zeitung The French accordionist, singer and composer Vincent Peirani was born in Nice on 24.4.1980. He discovered jazz at the age of 16 and began studying jazz in Paris shortly afterwards. Since 2011, Peirani has played regularly in the quartet of the Korean singer Youn Sun Nah and with Emile Parisien as a duo. Once again, Vincent Peirani is reshuffling the cards. Typical for him, because the Frenchman has proven one thing again and again in the course of his career:  In a trio with Federico Casagrande on guitar and drummer Ziv Ravitz, he lives out his penchant for rock and electronic music on "Jokers" and, by virtue of the freedom of jazz, immerses himself in a cinematic world of sound that surprises and enchants in equal measure. With suspense, poetry, rhythm, (supernatural) settings, fantasy, virtuoso outbursts and intimate moments. And in a tone reminiscent of a film noir - until the trio sets the screen ablaze.

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