Kunsttage Basel

Saturday, 26 August 2023, 1 pm

Kunsttage Basel: «all around Basel | art in public spaces» 

Kick-off of the filmic art education project all around Basel | art in public spaces by artist and filmmaker Marcel Scheible.

Art in public space is often encountered in surprising places, can be enchanting as well as irritating, and is not infrequently a source of conflict. In these eight short films artists share their passion for art outside of the walls of the museum and take us on an exploratory expedition through the city. The documentary film series puts a spotlight on artworks that we could easily fail to notice or have long wanted to take a closer look.

I, you, you, me, we
Anyone walking along Heuwaage at the riverbank of the Birsig towards Steinenvorstadt might feel like an object of marvel, observation, or an intense stare. Since 2020 five circular faces have been gazing from the retaining wall over the river and eyeing passers-by. How did Basel artist Ralph Bürgin come up with the idea and form of this work? In an exchange with Kunstmuseum Basel curator Maja Wismer the artist provides insight into his artistic approach.
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Lieu dit
The large sculpture Lieu dit by Michael Grossert triggered heated debate in Basel in 1976. The site of the abstract artwork–the Heuwaage–underwent a major transformation in the 1960s through the construction of a viaduct which turned it into a place dominated by traffic. The artist’s aim was to create a prominent landmark and hangout in this bisected transitional space between the city center and adjacent neighborhoods. But why all the outrage? And how is the colorful giant doing today?

Monument to a Lost Glove
The red glove, seemingly made of leather, lies lost on the ground. But anyone who tries to pick it up is surprised to find that it is made of plastic and firmly anchored to the ground. According to Ilya Kabakov, the artist of this sculpture, it is even a monument. But whom or what is supposed to be commemorated? And how big does a monument have to be?

Image: Michael Grossert, Lieu-dit, 1976, photo: Marcel Scheible

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