Special Event

14 April 2023, 4 – 5:30 pm

Listening Session with Alexander Tillegreen

Costs: museum admission, no booking required, in Englisch
Meeting point: Museum Tinguely, ticket office

Combining artistic and scientific approaches, the work of the Danish artist and musician Alexander Tillegreen lies at the interface between the sonic and the visual in three-dimensional space and reflects his exploration of phenomena in the field of auditory illusion. For his work «Episodic Currents (Phantom Streams for Basel, 2023)» Tillegreen takes as his starting point the so-called “phantom word illusion.” Phantom words have the potential to create auditory illusions in the listener, expanding the original meaning of a source word to include other words and even entire sentences that are not there. Listening to Tillegreen’s composition is a dynamic process that is experienced individually and never repeated in the same form. The spatial experience of Episodic Currents reveals that the process of listening is not only a physical experience in space but also a highly individual one. Listening itself is an unconscious activity that can never be fully controlled intellectually. 

22 February - 14 May 2023

À bruit secret. Hearing in Art

What does the River Rhine in Basel actually sound like? Can voices or the din of the city be used as visual or sculptural material? How have jungle noises changed over the past few years? Can sound waves be registered other than through the ears? Museum Tinguely’s series on the human senses in art continues with an array of auditory encounters with the known and unknown soundscapes of this earth. The group exhibition will showcase works in various media from the Baroque period to the present.

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