26 September 2020, 2-3 pm

Public guided tour for visually impaired and blind people (in German)

Guided tour for people with a visual impairment through the exhibition «Pedro Reyes. Return to Sender».

Costs: no registration required, admission free, meeting point: info desk
Participants must provide their contact details before the tour; max. 15 attendees.
Les participants doivent fournir leurs coordonnées avant la visite, max. 15 personnes


24 June - 15 November 2020

Pedro Reyes. Return to Sender

For his works, Pedro Reyes (b. 1972 in Mexico City) uses architecture, sculpture, video, performance, and participation to promote collective and individual power of action in political, social, ecological, and educational situations. Having worked with weapons in the past, he is interested in addressing the systemic problems of the arms industry within a pacifist framework. In the new production to be presented at Museum Tinguely Disarm Music Box (2020) he has repurposed gun parts to make music boxes that perform fragments of tunes from the countries where the guns were produced. Reyes is concerned with «upcycling»-transforming an instrument of death into a musical instrument that stands for dialog and exchange.

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