Friday, 30 September 2022, 4-6 pm

Roche 'n' Jazz

Alessio Cazzetta Quintet featuring David Binney
in cooperation with the bird's eye jazz club
Costs: museum admission

David Binney: alto sax
Alessio Cazzetta: e-guitar
Iannis Obiols: piano
Josef Zeimetz: bass
Genius Wesley: drums

The five musicians with different international origins come up with a fresh, modern sound.
Alessio Cazzetta has made a name for himself nationally and internationally as a guitarist and congenial composer; his warm, sensual guitar sounds create an inviting, spacious atmosphere. David Binney lives in Los Angeles, where he currently has a strong influence on the jazz scene, and was previously a pioneer in various styles of the New York scene. In this quintet, which plays exclusively pieces written by Alessio Cazzetta, the focus is on a balanced measure of composition and improvisation that is masterfully cultivated. 

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