Wednesday, 15 May 2024, 8-10 pm

Speaking in Tongues

A performance project by
Dominique Rust/ Clarissa Herbst/ Michael Wolf
Music composition/ Martin Schütz
Evening box office: CHF 25, reduced CHF 15
Only cash payment is possible at the box office.
​reservations are possible at:

«Speaking in Tongues» looks at various phenomena of voices and examines to what extent and for how long we can remember a person's voice. What remains of the voice of a person who has died and are there ways to get in touch with the dead?  «Speaking in Tongues» consists of three parts, which can all be seen and heard together in one evening: The prologue is an audio installation with recordings from our collection of telephone answering machine from 1995-2019 - followed by the performance - and for the epilogue, we invite individual contemporary musicians and sound artists to improvise live in the context of the audio installation.

The idea, concept and realisation of the project has been created collectively: After intensive research into the selected themes,  Dominique Rust, Clarissa Herbst and Michael Wolf developped an associative vocabulary of movement, sound, language, objects and spatial installations from improvisation. Martin Schütz created the musical composition for the performance of «Speaking in Tongues» .

Idea/concept/realisation/selection of sound documents
Dominique Rust/ Clarissa Herbst/ Michael Wolf
Dominique Rust/ Michael Wolf
Clarissa Herbst
Music composition
Martin Schützcreate
Elias Gamma
Audio engineering
Andi Döbeli

Audio installation accessible from 8pm onwards
8.30 pm Start of performance followed by a live set by Joke Lanz

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