20 September 2020, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Special Day | Taro Izumi

Public guided tour, 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Video Screening, 11 am–6 pm
Curator’s Tour, 3-4 pm 
Tour of the exhibition with Séverine Fromaigeat, curator of the exhibition
Artist talk, 4-5 pm Conversation between the artist Taro Izumi and the curator

Costs: museum admission, no booking required
Participants will be asked to provide their contact details before the event starts, max. 15 pers.


Performance and video screening, 11 am-6 pm
The Japanese artist revisits Basel specifically to present a number of his first single-channel videos in a new and performative way. To attend the performance the visitors will have to look for Taro around the museum. The artistic intervention will be complemented by a tour of the exhibition with the curator of the exhibition Séverine Fromaigeat and an artist talk with the artist Taro Izumi and the curator.

A selection of early video works by Taro Izumi are projected directly onto the artist's back.Izumi transforms this moment of projection into a performance in which he himself becomes the protagonist, illuminating two central media of his work, video and performance. The organic (the artist's body) and the technological (the videos) intertwine in a game between present and past, whereby the artist's back becomes the backdrop for his past as a video artist. This retrospective moment is accompanied by a meditative component, as Taro must maintain his position throughout the projections.

Videos on display
Rahme, 2002
Single-channel video

Curos Cave, 2005
Single channel video

Neko, 2005

Trolly, 2006

Low Speed Vender, 2006

Pig’s Leg, 2006

Llama, 2006

Hakusai, 2008

Steak House, 2009
Single-channel video

Napoleon, 2009
Single-channel video

Signal Fire, 2010

Battle without Woodpecker or Pike, 2011

Winter crossing over the spring wall (Great Escape), 2015

One hundred sun on the island, 2018

Transparently dyed mulberry field juice, 2017
Single-channel video

All videos © Taro Izumi

2 September - 15 November 2020

Amuse-bouche. Der Geschmack der Kunst

A theatre without an audience, zoom meetings between real and digital museum visitors, invisible works or vacuum cleaner robots moving in the air: with a wondrous and mischievous eye, Izumi reflects on the unprecedented global situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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