Thursday, 14 March 2024, 4:30 pm-8:30 pm

Symposium À bruit secret + Les témoins oculistes

Interdisciplinary symposium on the sense of hearing and sight
As part of the series of exhibitions dedicated to the human senses in art, Museum Tinguely is organising in Basel another public conference with experts from various disciplines.

This time, the focus will be on the senses of hearing and sight, with reference to the previous exhibition À bruit secret and the forthcoming group exhibition Les témoins oculistes (winter 2026/2027). Talks and lectures from the fields of art, cultural studies, and history, as well as neuroscience, psychology, the natural sciences, and technology. 

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In addition, there will be guided tours, artistic and musical interventions, and interactive activities.
The public conference is aimed at both specialists and the general public. The lectures are free of charge and in German.

22 February - 14 May 2023

À bruit secret. Hearing in Art

What does the River Rhine in Basel actually sound like? Can voices or the din of the city be used as visual or sculptural material? How have jungle noises changed over the past few years? Can sound waves be registered other than through the ears? Museum Tinguely’s series on the human senses in art continues with an array of auditory encounters with the known and unknown soundscapes of this earth. The group exhibition will showcase works in various media from the Baroque period to the present.

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