«Ich schleife, also bin ich»

Saturday, 11:30 am-1 pm | 1:30-3 | 3:30-5 pm 
Sunday, 1:30 am-3 pm | 3:30-5 pm

In the 1960s, the Affichists took entire billboards with them on city walks to work on them in their studios. The exhibition «Poetry of the Metropolis. The Affichistes» showed this impressively in 2014. In his workshop «Ich schleife, also bin ich», German artist Wolfgang Kowar offers us the opportunity to investigate the secrets of billboards. The participants are given a piece of litfass. Then it's a matter of tearing, scratching, rubbing, milling, planing, cutting, rasping, scraping, scribing, sanding.... and find!

Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Museum
Age: 10+
Costs: 5 CHF
Exhibition reference: «Poetry of the Metropolis. The Affichistes», 2014