Art Education

The educational activities on board of the barge enabled visitors to participate actively in Jean Tinguely’s artistic cosmos over and above their visit to the exhibition. Water, sound, and communication – those are the themes from Tinguely’s work that best fit the AHOY! project and that were at the centre of our educational activities. These were aimed at a wide audience and designed to be enjoyable and inspiring, arousing a desire to find out more about Tinguely’s art.

The exhibition was supplemented by two hands-on stations, which visitors were invited to spontaneously discover of their own accord. With the Méta-Splash machine, they drew with water in the air. At theMessage in a Bottle station, they could design a letter and receive a message in a bottle from the route in exchange.

In addition, the art education department offered free workshops for children, teenagers and adults on board of the barge, all of which could be booked in advance through our partner institutions.


Water Sounds

How can water sound? In this workshop we will experiment with water sounds and make some audio recordings. Whether it is the Rhine slapping against the barge, the glugging of a water bottle or the flushing of the on-board toilet, participants will get to experience the element of water first and foremost from an acoustic angle. Still more water noises will be identified and recorded and the recordings then spliced together to create sound collages. Listening to these, especially against the backdrop of Jean Tinguely’s Schwimmwasserplastik, visitors will appreciate why the sculptor so relished working with water and sound.

Workshop for teenagers, children (aged 8 and over) and adults


Message in a bottle

Here we will design a letter collage and send it off on an exciting journey. In parallel to his creation of kinetic sculptures, Jean Tinguely also sent hundreds of illustrated letters to a wide range of recipients. His letters are accomplished, playful, and attest to the pleasure he took in communicating with others. For us, Museum Tinguely AHOY! is the perfect opportunity to engage in just such a creative exchange. Participants will design a message of their own to an unknown recipient and in exchange will get to fish out a message in a bottle from an earlier stage of the voyage – perhaps from Basel, Paris or Amsterdam?

For children (aged 6 and over), teenagers and adults