15.1. – 20.1.2019
Radio DJ

A programme about music on the radio with Eric Facon and Nik von Frankenberg.

How did American pop radio sound in the 1960s? What does it sound like when Bob Dylan makes radio programmes? What role do DJs play and what is their influence? For a week, we want to pursue questions around the profession of the DJ. The discussion centres on music. At listening stations, visitors can listen to real and fictional radio shows from the past and the present, programmes with different content. We play with moods: radio moments that made history meet with music that was current at the time of the events in question. But what if we alter the music, add a different soundtrack? For one week, experience radio under headphones.


Tuesday, 15 January – Sunday, 20 January, 11 am-6 pm
Listen to eight radio-shows at the stations:
1. Bob Dylan's trip to the past
2. Cruisin' in the Fifties and Sixties
3. The Freak show
4. The death
5. Radio on radio
6. Historic 1
7. Historic 2
8. Once around the world

On Sunday, 20 January join for a conversation with the musician Hank Shizzoe and Urs Musfeld, a former sounds editor at DRS3/SRF3.

Sunday, 20 January 2019
2:30 pm
Eric Facon talks with the musician Hank Shizzoe.
5 pm
Live Radio broadcast on the week’s theme on «RadioTinguely», presented by Roger Ehret, who talks with Urs Musfeld and Eric Facon.

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