22.1. – 27.1.2019
sonOhr Selection

A selection of the best sound pieces from the sonOhr Radio & Podcast Festival.

The sonOhr Radio & Podcast Festival is the only platform of its kind in Switzerland for narrative and sonically creative audio works, held for the last eight years in Bern in February. The programme consists of competitions for Swiss radio plays by local radio stations and independent authors, as well as a curated international programme of live events and guests.

During this week, Museum Tinguely takes a tour through the sonOhr archive and presents gems from past editions of the festival. As with the festival as a whole, the focus is on shared experience of listening.


Programme Tuesday, 22 January – Saturday 26, January:

11 am-12 pm | Topic: Getting older
Nid wägnäh (Dialect, German)
Minutes of an Extended Departure (English)

12-1 pm | Podcasts
Mutti und ich (German)
Host's fat (English)

1-2 pm | Topic: unterwegs (German)
Klang von St. Johann (German, dialect)
Reisewörterbuch (German)

2-3 pm | Talents
Für diese Idee andere Hosen anziehen (German)
Gqom (English)

3-4 pm | Hörspiel-Serie (German)
Talentocracy (Dialect, German)

4-5 pm | Hörkunst (German and French)
Flashback (German)
Sekundenschlaf (German)
Yedoma (nonverbal)
Marderschreck (German)
Là où l‘ohm argh le whaou (French)

5-6 pm | flashstories
13 short stories each max. 6 minutes
Ein Tag im Leben des Privatradios
Montreux montre-moi ton son
Eine neue Nachricht
Message in a Radio
Schall und Rauch
King of colorz


On Sunday, authors are invited for discussion sessions followed by a quite surprisingly live radio play on stage.

11-11:30 am | Der Klang von St. Johann (German)

11:30 am-12 pm | Reisewörterbuch (German)

12-12:30 pm | AutorInnengespräch mit Regina Dürig und Christian Müller (German)

12:30-1:15 pm | La Nüvla (German, Dialect)

13:15-13:45 pm | Autorengespräch mit Martin Bezzola (German)

14-14:50 pm | Nordlichter (German)

14.50-15:20 pm | Autorinnengespräch mit Christina Baron (German)

16-16:40 pm | O.V.N.I. Live-Hörspiel (French)

17-18 pm | «RadioTinguely»

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