27.11. – 2.12.2018
SRF 2 Kultur HörPunkt

SRF 2 Kultur visits to broadcast an episode in the HörPunkt series on
«Radio weltweit»

For farmers in Mali, radio with its daily weather reports has an entirely different meaning than it has for a yuppie in New York who never misses the breakfast show. A Japanese office worker is just as excited while waiting for the night-time sex talk programme as the Islandic pensioner waiting for «her» concert or the Italian agricultural labourer waiting for the latest sports results. For all the
differences in terms of culture and language, radio as a medium continues to play a central role worldwide. SRF 2 Kultur embarks on a boundless expedition into the airwaves and into the world wide web, speaking with radio makers, listeners and fans.

Tuesday, 27 November - Saturday, 1 Dezember
Listen to the SRF 2 Kultur HörPunkt's programme on the listening stations of Museum Tinguely

Sunday, 2 Dezember, 11 am - 5 pm Live Radio Broadcast
SRF 2 Kultur broadcasts the HörPunkt live from Museum Tinguely presented  by Christoph B. Keller and Bernard Senn

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