Marcel Scheible 
all around Basel | art in public spaces   

Film presentation in the phone booth - until April 2024

We come across art in public spaces not only on urban squares and as part of fountains, but we can also be surprised by discovering it at unexpected places. Art in public spaces appears in various forms, can be intriguing as well as irritating and is not infrequently a source of conflict. all around Basel | art in public spaces puts a spotlight on artworks that we might easily fail to notice or have long wanted to spend more time studying it. In short documentary films, artists and curators share their passion for art to be found outside of the walls of the museum and take us along for an exploratory expedition through the city. all around Basel | art in public spaces is an initiative of Basel artist, art educator/outreach specialist, and documentary filmmaker Marcel Scheible and is the result of creative collaboration between various artists/cultural professionals.