Dismantling of two radios © Museum Tinguely,
Photo: Conservation

Conservation strategy


The conservation department at the Museum Tinguely is responsible for the preservation and care of the collection. The team of conservators is regularly supported by interns.

The conservation and restoration strategy can vary depending on the state of conservation and the artworks. The artworks are to be preserved from decay and saved for the future. In the case of Tinguely's kinetic works, regular inspection and maintenance of their condition is essential. It is important to detect damage caused by movement at an early stage and to observe known weak points in order to prevent major damage. Changes in movement or sound are the first indications of foreseeable damage.

Preventive measures always have priority over an actual intervention. They must be continuously adapted and represent one of the most important points in the preservation of the works. Preventive measures should be taken to minimize damage. A stable climate is a prerequisite; fundamental measure is the limitation of operating times.

The established guidelines allow us a systematic conservation strategy for the conservation and restoration of Tinguely’s kinetic works. After the recording, material and technical examination and definition of the goals, a conservation and restoration concept as well as additional alternatives are worked out. The prerequisites for this are an understanding of the function, the diversity of materials and the artistic intention.