Conservation and restoration services


What do we offer?
The museum offers the experience of over 20 years of conservation and restoration of Jean Tinguely's works to other institutions and private collectors. Many of the possible problems and damages (both foreseen and unforeseen) to Jean Tinguely's works are known to us from our day-to-day work and can be solved with the knowledge and experience of the conservators.

Who are we?
Our team, specialized in Jean Tinguely's works, includes a former assistant to Jean Tinguely, who knows the artist's unique signature. The planning, documentation and execution of the conservation and restoration is carried out in cooperation with the conservator and performs the execution at the highest conservation level.

What is our objective?
The aim of our conservation department is to protect the works of Jean Tinguely on the basis of the standard we have developed for the conservation and restoration of his kinetic works, to sensitize the environment and to contribute to their preservation through professional conservation. With our knowledge we want to prevent closures and keep Jean Tinguely's works alive.


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