DIY | Carte pop-up

Would you like to create your own pop-up artwork using elements from Tinguely's artworks? Then let´s start, we have prepared two different models for you.

Print one of the two «Schnipple»-sheets and on envelope on stronger A4 paper. 120g or 160g are ideal. In case you do not have this, glue the entire sheet onto a second piece of paper. Now you only need to watch the video instructions: Antje von Stemm's two hands show you how to make your own pop-up card!

>> Watch video

You need: 
- Hardcopy of the "Schnippel" sheet and the envelopes: 
>> «Schnipple» sheet 1      >> «Schnipple» sheet 2
>> Envelope 1                   >> Envelope 2
- 2 sheets A4 paper, approx. 160g
- Scissors, glue

You also have the opportunity to purchase pop-up cards by Antje von Stemm in our museum shop.