13 février 2020, 19h30

Percussion@tinguely #1: We have until Friday

The ensemble «We have until Friday» prensents at Museum Tinguely a selection of meticulously chosen sounds, gestures, works and linguistic events. Whether it’s the unique resonance of an industrially manufactured
teapot, the rhythm of rainfall, the quiet hum of a motor, a fragment of a sentence - all parts of the carpet of everyday background noise. With compositions of Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger and the ensemble «We have until Friday» .

Ensemble «We have until Friday»:
Zacarias Maia, Dino Georgetown, Quentin Fiquet and Bertrand Gourdy.

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visite guidée

4 février 2020, 12h30-13h15

Curator's Tour

Un coup d'œil dans les coulisses!
Après la visite du musée, Jean-Marc Gaillard et Olivia Mooser donneront aux visiteurs un aperçu exclusif de l'atelier de restauration.

Tarif : billet d'entrée, sans inscription, en anglais

Visite guidée

25 janvier 2020, 14h

Public guided tour for visually impaired and blind people

Accompanied by our tactile tool "Tastwagen", Fabian Felder guides people with a visual impairment through the Jean Tinguely collection. Today focussing on: Méta-Malevich (1954), Hanibal II (1967), Pit-Stop (1984).

Cost: Museum admission, no booking required, accompanying persons free entry and guide dogs for the blind allowed in the museum, in German.


22 janvier 2020, 10h-12h


«Len Lye – motion composer»

Coûts : 10 CHF
Aucune inscription requise


7 janvier 2020, 12h30-13h15

Curator's Tour

Visite guidée avec Andres Pardey dans le cadre de l'exposition «Len Lye - motion composer».

événement spécial

15 décembre 2019, 12h45

Unique presentation of two important new acquisitions by Jean Tinguely

Be there to join the unique activation of two outstanding and newly acquired works by Jean Tinguely. The special feature: The two works of Tinguely will be shown in action on this day, which otherwise is not possible due to conservational conditions.

Look forward to the presentation of the two works La Tour (Berner Zytglogge), 1960 and La Jalousie I, 1960 by our experts: conservator Jean Marc Gaillard, Olivia Mooser and curator Sandra Beate Reimann.