Lecture Performance

Thursday, 20 October 2022, 7 pm

Dr. Pinar Yoldaş

An Ecosystem of Excess; Metabolising Plastics, 2022
Lecture Performance
Free admission, no booking required, in English

In the context of the current special exhibition Territories of Waste, we cordially invite you to the interactive lecture performance by artist and researcher Pinar Yoldaş.
The oceans were once the starting point for evolution. In her work, the artist asks the question: If life were to evolve from the plastic soup of our oceans, what organisms and organs would emerge? Inspired by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, she created an ecosystem of speculative organisms.

In her lecture performance, the artist looks at the history of plastic as well as the future and raises the question of the opportunities and risks of genome editing.

5 June - 5 September 2021

Territories of Waste. On the Return of the Repressed

The entire ecosphere – the oceans, the air, our food, the soil, even the Antarctic – contains residues, particles and chemicals derived from our consumer culture. The extraction of raw materials leaves behind destroyed landscapes and toxic spoil. Waste is everywhere.

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