«Blumen für Anita» („Flowers for Anita“)

17 August – 2 December 2007

In honour of Anita Neugebauer and 30 years Gallery ‚photo art basel’.
Book presentation and exhibition vernissage on August 16, 2007, 6:00 p.m.

In the mid 1970s, Anita Neugebauer undertook a courageous venture. Born in Berlin in 1916 and trained as a photographer, she opened the first art gallery for photography in Switzerland.

Thirty years Gallery ‚photo art basel’ – though the jubilee was in fact last year. However, this year’s celebration takes place a year later as on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the gallery, celebrated on its 21st anniversary in 1997 with an exhibition entitled “Flowers for Anita”, to which 28 photographers of both sexes contributed various photographs of flowers in honour of Anita Neugebauer.

Today, we are composing this bouquet afresh, but in two manners: an exhibition and a publication on photography to mark Anita Neugebauer’s commitment to the medium and document the various exhibitions she organised as well as her collection. Selected works by a group of internationally acclaimed photographers record a piece of history and illustrate her lifelong passion for the medium. Thus the existence of the gallery and the biography of its founder merge to furnish a fascinating and lively window open on a world on the threshold of new technologies in the field of imagery.

Book: Alex Silber (Ed.) Blumen für Anita. Anita Neugebauer und die Galerie photo art basel. 2007. 148 pages with over 100 b&w and colour illustrations. Bound. (CHF 48.-/ € 33.50). Schwabe Verlag Basel