23.10. – 28.10.2018
Radio Cinéma

A film programme curated by Eric Facon and Michael Sennhauser, presenters on SRF2Kultur radio.

Radio is a medium that accompanies people through life and that shapes their lives. We are showing a selection of films from different countries that show how this medium makes its impact and how it is made. Not documentaries about radio, but feature films, movies that offer historical background («Good Morning Vietnam», Barry Levinson (USA), 1987), tell a chapter of radio history («Les Grandes Ondes» , Lionel Baier (CH), 2013 or «The Boat that Rocked», Richard Curtis (GB), 2009), or show radio playing a mediating role between people («Play Misty for me», Clint Eastwood (USA), 1971, «American Graffiti», George Lucas (USA), 1973 or «Sleepless in Seattle», Nora Ephron (USA), 1993). On 28 October 2018, the curators Michael Sennhauser and Eric Facon from Radio SRF will explain the content of these films.

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