11.12. – 16.12.2018
Radio X inklusiv! in the house

On Basel local radio, people with disabilities and impaired health make radio for everyone.

«invisible — irritation in black» shows people with visible and invisible disabilities. In Switzerland, one in five people live with impaired health. Some of them are not seen, others deliberately remain unseen. Irritation means disconcerting. Habit brings a feeling of security, but it also brings the risk of seeing people, situations and experiences in fixed ways. People change, as do situations and experiences. Many things can be thought about in different ways, if one embarks on the journey. Thirteen life-size silhouettes disturb the image of public spaces, encouraging people to think about their own invisibility. www.unsichtbar-schweiz.ch

Tuesday 11 December:
11 am 

Sighted ears. Hearing eyes. An audio picture of the exhibition.
Pina Dolce and Pirmin Vogel in conversation with Linda Muscheidt about the exhibition, accessibility, radio, TV and the senses.

2:30 pm
Wildwuchs: Squeezed into my handicap.
Elias Dahler cannot walk and speak. That is why his parents Claudia Mani and Dominik Dahler speak in this talk. About Elias' childhood, his personality, his drawing and writing. Conversation leader Martin Haug, Wildwuchs

Wednesday 12 December: 2 pm
Visible - invisible
3x2 conversations, 7 disabilities, 2 of them visible.

Thursday 13 December: 6 pm
Radio loco-motivo beider Basel
The radio for people with and without psychiatric experience.

Friday 14 December: 1 pm
What does a label do for people with disabilities?
In focus of the panel discussion «Kultur Inklusiv» and «iPunkt - das Label für Arbeitgeber».

Saturday 15 December: 11 am 
Disabled and healthy. Is that possible? Are people with disabilities healthy? Do people with disabilities need special protection? A discussion between people with disabilities, business representatives and an administrative lawyer

Sunday 16. December: 4 pm
Fake News — Subjective News? Impartiality decides. Illuminate 3 x 3. Theses and prejudices, telling, discussing, analysing those affected.

Radio loco-motivo

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