Freckly Night

Freckly Night
(Dazzling Moments between Past and Future)
19 until 21 August 2022

This festive moment celebrates the exhibition itself and the insights gained from it, as well as the togetherness of concert, performance, and show. The dos and don’ts of the craft will themselves supply the inspiration for an evening of moderated performance art, full of sensuality, energy, humour, and collectivity. Which great moments, which undiscovered heroes and heroines, which steadfast collectives will be summoned? And how strung together? How will the energy flows be kept flowing? The sole aim here is to celebrate this living art together and to pay tribute to it in concerts, performances, and shows.


> Esben Weile Kjaer

> Les Reines Prochaines (cancelled!)

> Auction sale with enJeanT., Axel Gampp, Echo & Verstärkung

> Freckly Night with Ntando Cele, Yan Duyvendak, enJeanT., Iris Ganz, Markus Goessi, Anne Rosset & Robert Alexander, Andrea Saemann, 

Moderation: Friese, Fränzi Madörin, Chris Regn, Echo & Verstärkung

Talks: Katharina Steffen | Frauenrakete, Monika Dillier | Damengöttinnen in conversation with Ute Holl

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Lena Eriksson, Chris Regn: Themenwolken

Lena Eriksson, Chris Regn: Themenwolken

BANG BANG Freckly Night