(Situation, Reception)

Maria Hassabi, «UNTITLED», 2021, presentation view, Museion, Bolzano, 29-30 July, 2021, Courtesy the artist; Photo: Andrea Macchia

Live Transmission
(Situation, Reception)
12 until 14 August 2022

The question explored here is that of perception and the unmediated experience of a work of art that is made possible by the simultaneous presence of artists and spectators at a single performance. Audience and performers share the same time and the same space, which is charged and transposed by the breathing, animate presence of all those occupying it. This co-presence assigns the audience a special role: To what extent is its gaze of constitutive importance to the work being watched? This initial set-up of transmission and identification then spawns translations, communications, and responses of all kinds. Sharing and talking about what was shown will henceforth be crucial to its continued existence.


  • Maria Hassabi
  • Dorothea Schürch & Bärbel Schwarz
  • Bruno Jakob & Hans Witschi
  • Birgit & Anatol Kempker

Talks: Pascale Grau,  HSLU | Rachel Mader, Linda Neukirchen, HKB | Hanna Barbara Hölling, Bone Sammlung | Marina Porobic, Kunsthaus ZH | Kerstin Mürer (tbc), flight of fancy | Alicia Reymond, Fritz Franz Vogel | Fotodokumentationen, Chantal Küng | Film: doris, wie lernt eine hexe?, Kunstkredit BS | Isabel Fluri, Kommission bildende Kunst Stadt LU | Michel Rebosura in conversation with Heike Fiedler, Dorothea Schürch & Bärbel Schwarz, Bruno Jakob & Hans Witschi, Birgit & Anatol Kempker

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Maria Hassabi, UNTITLED, 2021 presentation view, Museion, Bolzano, 29-30 July, 2021 Courtesy the artist; Photo: Andrea Macchia

Maria Hassabi, UNTITLED, 2021presentation view, Museion, Bolzano, 29-30 July, 2021Courtesy the artist; Photo: Andrea Macchia

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