Marie-Anne Lerjen, «Rückgängig», 2019 photo: Markus Goessi

Social Elegance
(Friendships, Scenes, Networks)
in collaboration with PANCH – Performance Art Netzwerk CH
8 July until 7 August 2022 in Solitude Park

Artists work with what drives them and what they want. What is lacking locally, they organise themselves. And so they become artist-curators and artist-teachers, doing everything that ‘putting-art-in-the-world’ entails from curating to publicity work to administration to cleaning to hosting to documentation to writing about it and archiving. In doing so they run the risk that official institutions and the market will shirk their responsibility for a healthy climate and flow between mainstream culture and subcultures. Reciprocal invitations, whether translocal or intercontinental, are a matter of course, because without friendship, nothing happens at all.

Neoscope Performance Fenster, 2019, photo: Rachel Bühlmann

Neoscope Performance Fenster, 2019, photo: Rachel Bühlmann

Das Häkelobjekt, Regula Michell und Meret Wandeler

Das Häkelobjekt, Regula Michell und Meret Wandeler


SOCIAL ELEGANCE is the only one of BANG BANG’s themes to extend through all five weeks of the show. BANG BANG invited PANCH – Performance Art Network CH and its members to collaborate on the SOCIAL ELEGANCE events that are to take place in Solitude Park in front of Museum Tinguely between 9 July – 6 August 2022.

PANCH gladly accepted the invitation as an opportunity to cultivate and enlarge Switzerland’s performance art network and to make contacts beyond its own borders. To broaden the European context, moreover, guests from North Macedonia, Turkey, England, Finland, and Poland were also invited to attend.

PANCH offers performance artists the chance to eat, drink, and discuss together and to perform in various places in various formats: live performances, screenings, discussion forums and talks over tea. There were three open calls for the initiation of performance projects or for participation in a performance in the park. In addition, there are plans to produce a weekly zine to reflect directly on all these events.

PANCH stands for Performance Art Network CH, which has set itself the goal of publicly pushing performance art in Switzerland, both artistically and conceptually. PANCH regards itself as a contact point for all matters relating to performance art in Switzerland. PANCH issues regular invitations to discussions of the most pressing topics of the day. PANCH’s online platform makes Switzerland’s performance art scene visible both locally and internationally, bundles its information and activities, and broadcasts these to the world. PANCH has been a registered association since 2014.

Diverse Live Events 8 July – 7 August 2022 in Solitude Park
in collaboration with PANCH – Performance Art Netzwerk CH

Performers CH: Christine Bänninger, Claudia Barth, Sandra De los Santos, Mo Diener, Ewa Filippi Metelska, Lilian Frei, Pascale Grau, Michael Felix Grieder, Gisela Hochuli, Judith Huber, Parvez Imam, Elsbeth Carolin Iten, Monica Klingler, Vera Kovacevska, Marie-Anne Lerjen, RR Marki, Yara Li Mennel, Dominik Lipp, Regula Michell, MIRZLEKID (Hansjörg Köfler), Dawn Nilo, Laura Pellegrini, Maricruz Penaloza, Natalie Peters, Milena Petrovic, Anna Rigamonti, Ursula Scherrer, Bruno Schlatter, Nadine Seeger, Hanga Séra, Regina Simon, Benji Sunarjo, Elfi Thoma, Meret Wandeler, Thomas Zollinger

International performers: Anette Arlander (Finnland), Jonathan Blackwood (Great Britain), Pınar Derin Gençer (Turkey), Paweł Korbus (Poland), Ana Lazarevska (Nordmazedonien), Varsha Nair (India), Natasha Nedelkova (North Macedonia), Louise Rosine (France), Małgorzata Sady (Poland), Ewa Zarzycka (Poland) 

Talks: KABH – Kunst Archiv Bernhard Huwiler / Renée Magaña, Mike Hentz, Performance: Boris Nieslony

Come and Show – Performance All Day Long : 6 August 2022, from 11 am onward

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