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Foto: Daniel Spehr, 2019


Our 2018–2019 show «Radiophonic Spaces» spawned radio programmes and dramas on a wide variety of subjects and many of these are well worth listening to again. That exhibition also sharpened visitors’ sensitivity to the acoustic dimension of the museum in general and of Tinguely’s works in particular. The acoustic dimension of our lived experience is all the more important at a time when images – both moving and fixed – are omnipresent.

Florian Hohnhorst is a freelance creator of radio dramas who in January 2019 took visitors to «Radiophonic Spaces» on audio-expeditions through the museum. Those expeditions then provided him with material for a new audio piece:

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In addition to Tinguely’s sounds, we’ve also got an audio-expedition by Florian Hohnhorst for you. This hopefully will inspire you to ‘tune in’ more carefully to the sounds of everyday life. How does your coffee machine sound? Your fridge? Your computer? Why not record these noises with your phone and compose your very own ‘audio-expedition through my apartment’? (There’s plenty of editing software that can be downloaded free of charge – Audacity, for example).

We look forward to hearing your audio-expeditions and wish you lots of fun making them!

© 2018 Paula Reissig

Florian Hohnhorst, Hörexpedition


How good is your sense of hearing in everyday life? And what about Jean Tinguely’s machine sculptures, which both move and produce sounds? Their acoustic dimension mattered a lot to Tinguely and he was always conscious of it, as when he underscored the horror of his Mengele-Totentanz (1986) by making it squeak and clank.

For the edition of TINGUELY@HOME#6 we’ve posted five recordings of works by Tinguely. The challenge for you is to match the sounds you hear to the machine sculptures you see. We'll publish the answers in next week's newsletter or on Instagram.

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Baluba, untitled, 1962

Baluba, untitled, 1962

Matrac, Bascule, 1966

Matrac, Bascule, 1966

Mengele dance of death, 1986

Mengele dance of death, 1986

Grosse Méta-Maxi-Maxi-Utopia, 1987

Grosse Méta-Maxi-Maxi-Utopia, 1987

Hannibal II, 1967

Hannibal II, 1967

How to proceed:

1) Look at the pictures 2) Listen to the soundcloud files and assign them to Tinguely's works.

The resolution will follow in the next newsletter or on Instagram during the weekend.

Tinguely Sound 1



Tinguely Sound 2



Tinguely Sound 3



Tinguely Sound 4



Tinguely Sound 5