rarrk – John Mawurndjul :
Journey through Time in Northern Australia
The Museum der Kulturen Basel guest of the Museum Tinguely

21. September 2005 – 29. January 2006

In a joint project with the Museum der Kulturen Basel, the Museum Tinguely presents the first retrospective exhibition of the Australian bark painter John Mawurndjul in a European art museum.

John Mawurndjul’s artistic development from the beginning of his career in the 1970s until the present day refutes the widespread prejudice in Europe that denies ‘Indigenous’ artists the right to a personified individuality and the capacity to innovate outside the boundaries of the authority of their community. He further demonstrates in his paintings that dealing actively with traditional sources can be a fruitful experience if one is capable of understanding tradition other than as an anonymous and inalterable corset. Our «Journey through Time in Northern Australia» takes us from the rock paintings, some of which hark back 30 000 years and mark the Aborigines’ sacred sites, down to the present day.
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Moving Parts – Forms of the Kinetic

9 March – 26 June 2005

The exhibition jointly conceived and organised by the Kunsthaus Graz and the Museum Tinguely Basel asks questions about the particular nature of machinery and the link between man and machines at the beginning of the 21st century. At the same time, the exhibition will investigate the importance of kinetic art for contemporary artists.
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René Burri
Photographs of Jean Tinguely & Co

21 January – 22 May 2005

The world renowned Magnum photographer René Burri (born in 1933), whose legendary portrait of Che Guevara has been a photographic icon for many years, caught a number of important artists of the 20th century through his lens.
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