Tatlin. a new art for a new world

Tatlin. a new art for a new world

6 June – 14 October 2012

With masterpieces principally from Moscow and St Petersburg, this exhibition focuses on the leading figure in the Russian avant-garde: Vladimir Tatlin (1885-1953). With his counter-reliefs Tatlin burst the borders of painting. With his revolutionary model for a giant tower, he effected a synthesis of architecture, visual arts, and social utopias. Finally, with his flying machine Letatlin, he expressed the dreams of a collectively regulated society.
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Installation at Museum Tinguely (c) Museum Tinguely, 2012 photo: B. Matthiessen

The signs of the Times

 22 February – 13 May 2012
An exhibition mounted by the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, in cooperation with the Museum Tinguely, Basel

The oeuvre created by the American concept and object artist Edward Kienholz (1927–1994) from the mid-1950s onwards is strongly polarizing and rebellious in character. Central to his work, which from 1972 was executed in collaboration with his wife Nancy Reddin Kienholz, are religion, war, death, sex and the degenerate sides of society. 
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Vera Isler at Museum Tinguely (c) Museum Tinguely 2012, photo: B. Matthiessen

Vera Isler
Face to Face II

1 February – 6 May 2012
In co-operation with Museum der Moderne, Salzburg (Austria)

The most notable characteristics of the portraits in Vera Isler’s Face to Face series are their intensity and their naturalness. Described by the artist as “portraits for me alone”, they were created without assistance, without artificial light and thus without distraction. As documents of Vera Isler’s encounters with various artists, they capture very personal feelings and states of mind with “heartfelt and wordless discretion”.
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