Eva Aeppli. Vive la vie – vive la mort

6 June – 1 November 2015

Museum Tinguely, Basel commemorates the artist Eva Aeppli, who passed away on May 4, 2015, with a presentation of works and photos. Aeppli, who grew up in Basel, created from the 1950s an oeuvre that is characterized by great intensity, and in which she traced the depths of the human psyche. Her creations are charcoal drawings, large-format paintings, fabric figures, and bronze heads, along with joint sculptures with Jean Tinguely, with whom she went to Paris in 1952 and to whom she was married until 1961. Aeppli resided from the 1950s onward in France, ultimately in Honfleur (Normandy), where she passed away shortly after her 90th birthday. Museum Tinguely is showing, from June 6 until November 1, 2015, two large-format paintings, a group of fabric figures, nine bronze heads, and numerous photographs by the artist.
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Mauricio Kagel. Two-Man-Orchestra

9 – 13 September 2015

The premiere concert at Museum Tinguely in 2011 was followed by concerts at Cologne (Kunst-Station Sankt Peter), Buenos Aires (Teatro Colón), Rosario (Centro Cultural) at recently at Gelsenkirchen (MIR, Musiktheater im Revier). The tour will now end at Museum Tinguely and from September 9 until September 13 you can enjoy the last opportunities to experience this unique concert.
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Haroon Mirza/hrm199 Ltd.

10 June – 6 September 2015

The sound, light and media installations by Haroon Mirza appeal to our sense of vision as well as our sense of hearing and create unique immersive experiences. His mostly site-specific installations also present a multi-layered dialogue with other artists and between the materials themselves which include audio equipment, LEDs, solar panels, found footage and works by other artists. The largest Mirza exhibition to date will include existing work as well as several new creations, thus showing Mirza's work in all its diversity. As an exploration of the theoretical question: how far a solo exhibition is inherently also always a group exhibition, 'Haroon Mirza/hrm 199 Ltd.' focuses on the collaborative practices of the artist and the various forms of his co-operation.
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Belle Haleine – The Scent of Art

11 February – 17 May 2015

How does art smell? What happens when our nose suddenly plays the principal role in the experiencing of art? For the first time, the exhibition places the sense of smell at the focus of our aesthetic perception. Scents evoke emotions, memories and associations that are subjectively and culturally shaped to varying degrees. A certain scent attracts us or repels us. The use of olfactory stimuli in art often occurs subversively and breaks many taboos. Odors provoke. Internationally renowned artists make use of this circumstance and in doing so deal with the big issues of our present day and society. The exhibition shows works and installations by, among others, M. Duchamp, D. Roth, E. Ruscha, V. Soares, S. Tolaas. A scent cinema and a diverse interdisciplinary supporting program complete the show.
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